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The first name of these chocolate bars is Raider. In 1967, their production began in Great Britain. And already in 1979, they began to be produced in the USA and received the name "Twix". This delicacy consists of two strips of cookies covered with delicious milk chocolate with caramel inside. There is an interesting legend about why it consists of two sticks. They say that two brothers came up with this bar. Once there was a quarrel between them, as a result of which they broke it in public. The conflict between the brothers led to the fact that instead of one bar in the package, there are now two.

Twix chocolate bars are sealed. Thanks to her, they can be stored for a long time. The maker of these bars, Mars Incorporated, was the first to begin packaging their treats in foil. The person who came up with this packaging was Franklin Mars. He is also the founder of this company. The company produces several types of this bar with different flavors and thus tries to maintain interest in its products. In addition to the classic, there are also Twix Xtra, its mass is larger and it will always help you replenish your strength and energy. Also, lovers of sweets know Twix "Salted Caramel", Twix Top, Twix minis, Twix Ice Cream. Each of them has its own unique taste and they look very appetizing.

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