How do we develop that quickly?
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How do we develop so quickly?

09:34, 28 January 2022
How do we develop so quickly?
Любовь Вырвич
Любовь Вырвич
Employees are the main driving force at any company. Motivated employees provide particularly high chances of success. 

The TTL team includes first-class specialists who make every effort to complete each task. We were able to create a convenient system of interaction between employees inside and outside the company. Operational communication allows you to quickly respond to each request and fulfill orders in a timely manner, regardless of volume.

We use modern tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our specialists:

  • provide comfortable working conditions.
  • encourage initiative.
  • hear and consider everyone's opinions.
  • motivate people for personal development.
  • offer career advancement.

To develop new solutions, we conduct brainstorming sessions that allow us to look at the situation from different angles.

What do they think about the increase in productivity abroad?

  1. According to American scientists, the use of messengers for quick messaging significantly saves work time. But it used to be the other way around. Employees do not need to be distracted by calls or switch to remembering spoken words.
  2. According to the results of a study in which about 500 employees took part, thinking about money or seeing banknotes significantly increases labor productivity. The microclimate and mood of workers is improving.
  3. Psychologists from Japan have developed a theory of the impact of color on productivity. They say that walls painted yellow set people up to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Black walls work the same way. The red color of the walls causes a surge of strength but also causes aggression. It is not recommended to use blue paint on the interior of the office, since it can cause depression.
  4. Scientists from the United States also believe that labor productivity is directly related to the communicative characteristics of the team: where healthy warm humor is present, it is much easier for specialists to work.
  5. French researchers believe that worker efficiency can be increased by 50-65% by using 30-inch work monitors instead of 17-19 inches.
Top Trading Line is a young, fast-growing company with a modern outlook. The cohesion of our team is reflected in the efficiency of the entire enterprise and how it affects performance.